who use dentemax to secure teeth

with us dentemax their families USA or the Center for Medicare advocacy any of us and we will make sure that you get added to that community statement and then last fall .

we engaged in a campaign to get House and Senate members to sign letters to send a CMS again contending that they should expand the policies and

then there have been some meetings with HHS and CMS to change the

policy so we might be again reaching out to folks in order to gain support if the opportunity presents itself but right now we’re kind of in these meetings trying to convince HHS and CMS to change this policy and then finally on this last slide I have put some additional resources including that

recent study that came out of the Kaiser Family Foundation that I cited too earlier in the presentation regarding who has Medicare or who has coverage as a Medicare beneficiary the second bullet is our statutory

analysis about adding an oral health benefit and Medicare there’s a white paper that a whole bunch of us put out last summer about adding a dental benefit to Medicare and then families USA has put out a really great

resource describing why oral healthcare is particularly important for rural seniors and with that I will turn it back over thanks so much amber so we’ve heard a lot now about what’s going on from national organizations trying to frame the conversation around an oral health benefit but obviously the work that is going on