who give the fact about dental insurance

Appropriately dental insurance exactly yeah and each office is gonna be different the way they’re laid out so yeah evaluation the FMX.

  • The interaural photos and then the Profi and the paranal charting i’ve created a code there so
  • i can track my perio charting patient comes in but
  • They come in with a full series so we didn’t do the full series today so what I would expect that
  • the back would be doing is actually holding down your control button and actually highlighting.

Tthose services that you actually did right-click and posting the walk-up save it and let’s walk this guy out from the front desk now big mistake that some offices make is if.

They use the fast walk out all right which is you know it’s like foreboding in my world but if people use fast walk out it would have walked out that FMX because.

The patient was scheduled to have it done okay yep and then what happens is they wind up having it here in the walk out and then having to delete a line or you.

Kknow actually getting it to the point where they’ve actually walked it to sent it to the queue in order to submit to insurance and having to then take

The claim back out in order to correct the fact that we did not do the FMX today right exactly so I never use fast walk out I always want to work from

My account screen because if nothing else I want to see that the patient has a previous balance I want to see that there’s been some note that’s in their cart.

That you know patient has paid their deductible to their previous dentist or whatever those notes might be and you don’t see that if you use a fast walk up so two questions.

There what happens to the proposed FMX that wasn’t done and do you recommend providers are changed so let’s say it’s a it’s under the wrong hygienist or the wrong dentist at what point do you suggest they fix that .