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Arizona that was Ameritas dental connected to Tiffany who just happened to tell me hey I’ve got this girl Sarah how do you and that hygienist even know each other that’s something.

I don’t think I’ve even connected yet she and I have known each other since probably elementary school junior high and then through high school we graduated .

Together and we’ve been really good friends most of our lives though yeah it was she’s actually part of the reason why I got into dental in the first way so she had .

This great idea to become a dental hygienist and I thought I don’t know if I want to do that exactly school of you anyway I’ve been friends for so long let’s do something together exactly exactly .

So yes era ended up coming in I needed help writing some curriculums so Sara wrote our scheduling curriculum for the dental a-team her and I collaborated on .

That had a ton of fun on that and then Sara has actually grown and she now has helped write the billing quicken that is in final edits it’s about to be released that was a fun actually I’m really impressed with you Sara and I’ve heard .

A lot of clients say this about you that you make billing actually enjoyable like reading the course I enjoyed reading a lot of it you my favorite was with.

The with all the claims and you had it as like the batter up and then you have the second it’s for secondary and so when they have you know primary insurance and secondary .

Insurance you made that so funny to me and I think of all three of the players if any right and then the pinch-hitter comes in and I thought that is really what .