how we get renaissance dental

Renaissance dental this how can I take the best of all of this and take those lessons and apply it to Renaissance dental whatever I create so that was my long answer to your short question .

Thank you so much for that vote of confidence and I am very very excited to start hosting more in-person events starting in so those are all of the questions for today now we have a couple of comments and success stories

That I would also like to share and this first one comes from mr. refined by fire here we go hey Paula mr. refined from a fine by fire co I wanted to call in today and share my story of how .

I connected with your message I’ve been a listener the podcast and a read of the blog for gosh of years now for years I loyally man the hamster wheel of Corporate America trading .

My hours for dollars and remember looking around the office at some of the senior employees thinking they look defeated they look exhausted and I really didn’t .

Want to be in their position twenty years down the line sure I wanted their job title but I really didn’t want my next years to look like their last years so

I found the fire movement and I remember cutting my budget one night I had my laptop on my lap laying in bed and I was going through my budget line-by-line.

I looked over at the clock and two hours had gone by without me being able to find the line in my budget I was willing to cut I felt like a complete failure in fire I felt like.

I didn’t have what it took to be fire or die have a mustache Ian’s savings rate and that’s about the time that I connected with your message I remember

The hope that I had when I realized hey if I really want Netflix I don’t have to cut it out of my budget if I just move my .