how to prevent tooth pain

Tooth pain equalize that and neutralize that that we talked about and a lot of my other Tooth pain videos and other podcast episodes is building codes for example you know.

tooth pain

As the contractor many people think that you’re not able to discuss the estimate with the adjuster or you’re not able to talk about really anything

About the project with the adjuster well you are you are allowed to talk about the method of repairs the scope of repairs the cost of those repairs and.

Also building codes ordinance and laws so we talked about the many ways in the training and on my youtube channel on the podcast to neutralize and equalize.

That disadvantage if you will that the insurance company puts you at by not being able to discuss policy and/orcoverage now staying in that Lane Involves staying away.

From certain language that you really shouldn’t be getting into with the insurance company but one of the ways that you could also offset that a bit is .

That your customer the property owner is allowed to talk about whatever they want to with the insurance company so in essence the customer is allowed to say whatever they want whereas the contractor somewhat has

Their hands tied behind their back now most of my training is geared towards not having to wade too deep into policy language and I don’t get into .

A lot of training about insurance policy and coverage because I’m not the expert in that